Graduate courses
If you pursue your PhD at UC Davis's CEPB, you will study alongside students from a variety of interdisciplinary graduate groups and take courses associated with many different degree programs. The flexibility you have in choosing classes is great for tailoring your degree to your interests and goals, but sorting through course options can be challenging. There are some courses we recommend students consider, and in some cases require. Below is a partial, in-progress listing:

Policy analysis

  • ARE275: Resource and environmental economics
  • CRD149 (with graduate option): Community development perspectives on environmental justice
  • ESP212B: Environmental policy analysis
  • TTP289A: Energy modeling for policy analysis

Policy and institutional theory

  • ESP212A: Theories of the policy process
  • ESP298: Social-ecological systems
  • POL283: Organizational behavior

Research design

  • POL210: Research design in political science
  • SOC201: Social research
  • TTP200: Research design


  • GEO200: Quantitative geography
  • GEO270: Experimental design and analysis
  • GEO271: Multivariate systems and modeling
  • POL211, 212, 213: Quantitative analysis in political science I-III
  • SOC206: Quantitative analysis in sociology
  • SOC207A: Methods of quantitative research

Qualitative methods

  • EDU238: Participatory action research
  • POL216: Qualitative research methods
  • SOC292A: Field research
  • EDU249: Interview methods
  • GEO 200DN: Socio-spatial analysis in Geography

Other analytical courses

  • CRD298: Spatial methods in community research
  • POL279: Political networks, methods and applications
  • POL208: Advanced political networks

Substantive area courses

  • GEO212: Water resource management
  • HYD150: Water law