Media and outreach activities

  • Comments on EPA's industry-friendly redesign of their web materials concerning high-volume hydraulic fracturing, in an article published by Motherboard, November 2018
  • Article by Capital Public Radio on San Luis Obispo County's ballot measure to ban fracking, November 2018
  • Fact sheet summarizing research for Consumer Reports examining how the auto industry markets vehicles to consumers (in ads aired in 2005, 2012, 2015, and 2017)
  • YouTube video about fracking and local community action, for a channel produced by students in the UCD Graduate Group in Geography (starts in Spanish; English begins around 1:30), November 2018
  • Writeup about the 2018 Chancellor's Award for Undergraduate Research Mentoring, September 2018
  • Blog post written by a co-author about Ohio landowners' perceptions of fracking, July 2018
  • Sacramento March for Science talk, April 2018 
  • Presentation on New York municipal fracking policymaking at Chico State University, September 2017